Welcome to the web site of Spectrum Publishing. Spectrum Publishing publishes a quarterly science fiction magazine called Spectrum SF which is edited by the publisher, Paul Fraser.


8th February 2016

A brief word or two from my sabbatical…
*Spectrum SF #9 was posted out in November. However, the renewals for those whose subscription ran out with #8 have yet to be sent out.
*Look out for Spectrum SF #10 and Spectrum SF #11 towards the end of the year. There is work on hand from Neal Asher (congratulations on your Hartwell ‘Best Of’ reprint), Eric Brown, Michael Coney and David Redd, with promises of one or two other things as well!

23rd September 2015

Sorry for the extended silence…
*I’m just about finished assembling #9. It now has to go to the final reader for one last proof. After that it should go to the printer in October for a November mail out (honest!) As trailed below, next year will probably see only two issues of the magazine.
* Writers should note that I’m closed to submissions. This will last until sometime next year (I need a break away from the magazine).

14th July 2015

It now looks like Spectrum SF #9 will be out mid-September. I have a lot of review reading to do before I have an Archive for this issue, and will be doing this over the next month. I doubt the intended quarterly publication schedule will ever be met in future: realistically, I’ll be looking at putting out two to three issues per year from now on. Too many other things to do in the short lives we have, too little money! 🙂

6th June 2015

Issue #9 will contain the final part of Charles Stross’s novel, novelettes from Eric Brown and Adam Roberts, plus short fiction from Sarah Singleton and Chris Lawson.
Probably out in late July or early August: watch this space.

3rd May 2015

Some of the first issues of #8 were delivered this morning. Not bad going by Royal Mail, given they were picked up at 1715 last night for 2nd class delivery.

1st May 2015

*Spectrum SF #8 has returned from the printers and will be mailed out tomorrow. It contains the second part (of three) of Charles Stross’s serial (congrats to Charlie for making the Hugo finals with his Asimov’s SF novelette Lobsters), novelettes by Neal Asher and Michael Coney & Eric Brown, and short stories by Colin P. Davies and Josh Lacey.
More news about Spectrum SF #9, soon.

9th February 2015

*Review coverage of Spectrum SF #7 and Albedo One reviews of Spectrum SF #1 & #6 added to the Reviews page.

7th February 2015

*A long overdue update… Spectrum SF #8 is slowly grinding its way to completion and will probably be mailed out in late March. The main news about this issue is that it won’t contain the final part of Charles Stross’s novel. It took up so much space I decided to run it as a three-parter finishing in #9. I’m hoping that I can make a .pdf file of the final part available to those subscribers who can’t wait, but more information about this in the editorial.
*Other news: the URLs for both TTA and The Edge have changed. There will shortly be a new issue of this latter magazine available after a long period of inactivity, so check it out.
*Award news: Stephen Baxter and Simon Bradshaw’s First to the Moon! is one of this year’s BSFA Award finalists. The text of the story, for those that havent’t seen the magazine version is available here.

28th October 2014

*Spectrum SF #7 off to the printers yesterday. This expanded (192 pp.) issue will be mailed out in mid-November. The contents are listed below. A short extract from Charles Stross’s new novel can be downloaded here.

14th October 2014

* Couple of additions to the Reviews page.

12th September 2014

* An early result of Central Books’ efforts is that Spectrum SF is now available at the ten Borders stores listing on the Ordering page, as well as at Tema bookstore in Lisbon, Portugal. Fuller address details will be added later.
* Issue #7 is slowly nearing completion, and will contain the first part of Charles Stross’s new serial, The Atrocity Archive, plus short fiction from Mary Soon Lee, Josh Lacey, David Redd and Eric Brown. Plus The Archive and a long Letters column.

4th September 2014

* Spectrum SF is now available in the USA from two new mail order outlets. See the Ordering page for details.
* Central Books (99 Wallis Road, London, E9 5LN, United Kingdom; Tel: +44 (0)845 458 9925; Fax: +44 (0)845 458 9912) is now handling distribution for Spectrum SF. News of new outlets will be added to the Ordering page.
* A number of reviews of Spectrum SF have appeared recently. Details on the Reviews page.

5th August 2014

* Spectrum SF #6 was mailed out on Friday, 3rd August, at around 1530. I have already had reports of people (in Aberdeen and Brighton) receiving their copies on Saturday morning… less than 18 hours later! Well done, Royal Mail.
* Best of the Year anthology news: Congratulations to Al Reynolds and Charles Stross who both had stories (Great Wall of Mars and A Colder War) selected for Gardner Dozois’ 2016 Best New SF volume.

25th July 2014

* Those of you interested in David Redd’s work may be interested in a working bibliography cobbled together between the two of us.

16th February 2014

* Eric Brown’s novella, ‘Destiny on Tartarus’ (Spectrum SF #2, April 2013), is a finalist for this years’ BSFA Short Fiction Award. Eric has kindly agreed to allow us to provide the entire text to interested voters and others. It is available as a 186 kB PDF file. This can be read on screen or easily printed out using Adobe Acrobat.